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Welcome to Nuke the Whales

Nuke the Whales

If whales are so smart, why can't they breathe under water? I mean, all that flipping and flopping above water seems retarded.

This is my site dedicated to teaching the public about the danger humanity will face in the future. It is a proven fact that whales have slowly begun to kill off humans, if only one by one. They are drinking our water and eating our sailors. One day we will wake up and there will be no more water. Don't believe me? Here is just one example. If you remain skeptical, I dare you to google search killer whale. You will be in a terrible state of shock and awe as you look at the countless websites of killer whales. We humans are having a hard enough time trying to kill ourselves with these fish casually killing some of us from now and then. We need to take out the competition. To stop this countless slaughter of humans, we must nuke the whales now. I suggest we start a Nuke the Whales Community dedicated to nuking the whales. It is either them or us. I will speak for the 'us' and say "NUKE THE WHALES NOW!!!" I think we can all agree this is the most logical and sane sollution to our problem of whale-related human death. And remember... "Gotta nuke somethin'!"

I love the the Earth and do not want to see it taken over by those stupid fish. Please, do it for her...

Actually, I really hate this rock.

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