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Click to view intro. Replay as fast.


Welcome to Nuke the Whales

Gotta love 'em, gotta play 'em.

If you have a slow connection and want to view the games archive without pictures, please click here.

Click to play 3-Cup

Quite possibly the world's hardest 'easy' puzzle...

Click to play Add 'Em Up

Math-related game where you add up the numbers.

Click to play Armada Assault

Earth just finished World War 3 and all the military resources are spent. An alien fleet has taken this opportunity to invade Earth. Now only you can stop them.

Click to play Asteroids

Old-school arcade cool. The Asteroids game left just the way you remember it.

Click to play Battleships

Just like the board game. Play to rule the sea!

Click to play Bejeweled

The game that has like jewels that you move and stuff.

Click to play Blackjack

For best results, remove pants.

Click to play Blob Farm

Drag the blobs around away from the green slime, and bowling balls, rockets, and other dangers.

Click to play Bowman

Use your bow skills and kill the other guy.

Click to play Bullet Time Fighting

There is no game. Matrix-esque stick figure fighting game with custom rules and controls.

Click to play Chess

Classic chess. Beat the computer ar analysis, calculation, and execution. Easy as pi.

Click to play Copter

Up and down. Up and down. Simple and addicting one button game.

Click to play Create a Ride

Pimp out yo rizide and drop it like it's hott in tis outta sizzite playa game.

Click to play Crimson Room

This is a time killer. You're trapped in a room, can you escape? If I can beat, you can beat it. Also, using external sources is cheating and you sould be ashamed of yourself.

Click to play Crimson Viper

Fly to the end and destroy all who appose you!

Click to play Crimson Warfare

War RPG similar (I think) to Starcraft. It is pretty awesome for a Flash game.

Click to play Cube

Good ol' Rubix. If I can just get one side...


You've played it 2D on your Atari and 4D in you're garage. Now try it in 3D.

Click to play Donkey Kong

The original NES Donkey Kong in Flash.

Click here to plat Dolphin Dash

Fast paced and uber pwn dolphin game. Stupid fish.

Click to play Duck Hunt

Remember the old-school Duck Hunt on the Nintendo Entertainment System?
Here's a reminder.

Click to play Dynasty Street

Stick figure battle game thing.

Click to play Feed Me

Addicting and challenging! Continuously on your feet in this non-stop action game!

Click to play Fly Guy

Fly away in this interractive Flash.

Click to play Gold Miner

A.D. 1849. All of your gold are belong to us.

Click to play Gravity

Do you think you can propel yourself from one pad to the other under the gravitational effects of a planet?

Click to play Gyroball

Tilt the platform in one direction to roll the ball then another direction to roll the other way in an attempt to get to the end.

Click to play Hapland

Try and light both torches and open the portal. Some things need to be click more than once, and other times it's all about timing.

Click to play Hapland 2

Restore power to the portal to... save the princess or something. Just light the damn torches. Sometimes you have to click on things more than once. Sometimes it is all about timing. Sometimes helpful icons are engraved on the walls.

Click to play Hexxagon

This is one of my favorites. It's... well, it's easier to play than to explain.

Click to play Hold the Button

It's simple, hold the button.

Click to play Industry

Just like Hapland

Click to play Interactive Buddy

One of the greatest flash games ever. This is a wonderful interactive game with various objects. Whether you love your buddy or hate, you'll still have fun!

Click here to play Kitty Canon

Cat + Cannon = Fun

Click to play Lunar Command

Do you remember this back in the day? It was very popular and still is, so spend a few days in front of the screen playing a graphically-enhanced version.


Fight off legions of Mario villians to defend your castle in this shooting game. Sorry, but the princess is not in another castle.

Click to play Mini-Putt III

Mini-putt the way it should be on the Internet.

Click to play Moonlander

You have a limited amount of fuel to land your moonlander on a moon pad for points. If you're not careful, you will land too hard and failing will be a certainty.

Click to play Musical Lantern

Hardcore simple game that's only fun with the sound on.

Click to play The Mystery of Time and Space

Another awesome time killer. If you liked the Crimson Room, you're sure to like this. I have completed this and, by elimination, you should be able to also.

Click to play Nanaca Crash

Totally awesome-hardcore game. My record: 11,649.78m

Click to play Nucleus

The aim is to get the electron from the outer electron shell to the nucleus. Only jump when you are close enough to the next electron, otherwise you die. Remember, your jumping distance varies between electron shells and the atom.

Click to play Orbox

It's like stategy or something.

Click to play Pacman

Wacka wacka wacka.

Click to play Proximity

Place down your numbers soldiers in this strategy warlike othello type game and take over armies.


Warning! May contain profanities. Only works if you have sound ennabled. This allows you to created your own hardcore rock music. You can save and load yours or your buddy's creations. See what music you can make.

Click to play Rocketman

And I think it's gonna be a long long time
till touch down brings me round again to find,
I'm not the man they think I am at home,
Oh no no no I'm a rock-et-man.
Rocket man burning out his fuse out here

Click to play ROFL Attack

Roffle my waffles! A must play.

Click to play Simon

Now was it blue, blue, green, red, yellow, green, blue? Or blue, blue, red, green, yellow, green, red?

Click to play Snake

How many versions of this have you played?


On planet K, Stinkoman is always looking for a fight or challenge. In 20X6, he can usually find one!

Click to play Tanks

Everybody loves tanks. Judge your arc, power, and weapon then blast away hoping to hit your opponent. Play against a computer or your friend sitting in a chair next to you.

Click to play Tetris

If I have to explain anything, I'm going to be mad.

Click to play The Legend of Zelda: The Lampshade

I know this is cannon and fits somewhere in the Zelda series.

Click to play The Sith Sense

20Q Darth Vader style. Watch as Vader reads your mind.

Click to play Tic-Tac-Toe

Knick knack patty wack, give a dog a bone, this old man is going home.

Click to play Trogdor

Burned all those peasants with your Trogdor might.

Click to play Ultimate Flash Sonic

The original Sonic game in Flash.

Click to paly Virvidian Room

"Sequel" to the awesome game, Crimson Room. This difficult puzzle game takes your brain to the limit. It's not  that hard.

Click here to play Warthog Launch

Try and destroy all of the creatures by adjusting several variables.